Rock & Water Central are well known for the highest standards of program delivery of the Rock & Water Program. Rock & Water Central Director and Master Instructor, Tim Brenton leads the program delivery and has shared his experience and passion for the program since 2005.

During a chance meeting with the founder and author of the program, Mr Freerk Ykema in 2005, the two have been close friends ever since. Soon after the training, Tim delivered the program on behalf of the South Australian Government agency, Families SA working with children and young people living in care. From this experience, it was evident the program had “therapeutic intent” and demonstrated its ability to strengthen meaningful connections between adults and young people. After leaving Families SA and co-founding Connected Self in 2007, Tim took Rock & Water Programs across the country including public and private schools (both primary and high), disability sectors, homeless sector, community sectors, remote Aboriginal communities, international schools and more.

From remote Aboriginal Communities in the Kimberley, Western Australia, to Yuemendumu in the Northern Territory, to Yeppoon to Launceston to Melton to Darwin to Adelaide to Brisbane to Melbourne to Mildura to Newcastle to Sydney to Perth, there are not too many places in Australia Tim has not delivered a Rock & Water program.

In 2017, Tim was instrumental in developing a Rock & Water Wellbeing model in South Australia where Rock & Water practitioners deliver the program on site in primary and high schools for an entire school year. The model has been very well received and has grown across South Australian schools.

In 2018, Tim is dedicating more time to Rock & Water Central and is looking forward to delivering programs across Australia (the more remote the better!).

For more information on Rock & Water Programs for children, young people or adults delivered by Tim, please contact him on 0423 159 440 or